Small & Medium Business Computer Consulting

Personalized service. Seasoned professionals. Fast response. Not a franchise.

Our Philosophy

Our consultants are customer communications focused and have a genuine concern with your company's well being - this is 100% critical - not only are we technically brilliant and cost effective with your computers, servers, and network, our consultants avoid "geek speak" and can express themselves in terms you can understand so you can feel comfortable with your information technology decisions. Technology can be frustrating and sometimes can sometimes be difficult to deal with. Technology is not just about technology - We bridge the communications gap between the techies and the business people.

Before you make large, expensive, sweeping changes to your computers, servers, or network on your own or under the advice of another, consider calling us in for a free consultation - many times we can identify ways to maximize the use of your existing resources rather than replacing them.

Better than rescue - we prevent computer crashes, viruses, spyware, lost data, and network break-ins. Consider our preventative maintenance and backup planning services and prevent the problems before they happen.

Using reporting and monitoring, we safeguard many aspects of your office systems to ensure:

  • Hardware is healthy and hard drives do not run out of space
  • All computers have the latest security patches from Microsoft
  • Virus updates and scans are performed daily using tamper-resistant software included with our service
  • New software is deployed correctly throughout the office
  • Unauthorized software programs are detected and supervisors notified for removal
Surveillance Cameras, Networking Equipment, Switching