Terminal Server Hosting & Consulting

With terminal services you and your employees can work remotely and securely...


All Tech'D Out offers terminal server hosting packages as well as Terminal server support services. With our Terminal server ASP model licensing companies can now take advantage of terminal services at a much lower cost point then previous years. Our terminal server hosting platforms can be customized to fit your requirements. Check out our complex hosting services or dedicated Terminal Server hosting for more information on advanced and managed Terminal server services.

Terminal Server hosting allows your employees to access your company’s IT service remotely from anywhere. This allows for your business to function from all places, not just the office, which is a great asset to any enterprise. Terminal Server hosting increases productivity by enabling access to company applications on any device, including under-powered hardware and desktops using an alternate operating system. This also allows employees to access Windows anywhere, which means they will be able to access company infrastructure from such devices as a Pocket PC or Blackberry. The client for these Terminal services comes standard on most Windows operating systems as well as Linux.

Using a terminal server hosting plan can also be beneficial because many office based resources such as the client file system, smart cards, serial ports, printers, and audio are available using remote terminal access. This means you can print something on a local PC from any remote location; this will greatly improve the versatility of your enterprise.

Another great benefit to using a Terminal Server Hosting method is the versatility in software applications it allows you and your employees. Having a terminal server allows for your applications to be centralized, which means all your users will be using the same version and not having to constantly update or run into problems. This means you will be updating and managing your software from a centralized location, and not having to deal with software issues on every single PC in your office.

All Tech'D Out can provide your company with either a custom hosting service or a dedicated server to power your dedicated terminal server. A Terminal Hosting service can be a great benefit to your company and your clients, providing both remote service as well as an efficient system for updating and managing software applications. Not only that, we will provide your business with continuous technical support and IT consulting to propel your company to the top. Call now to find out now All Tech'D Out is the perfect solution to meet your online business goals.

Remote Desktop

  • It's just like working on a local computer
  • Remote Workers and Users
  • Seamless remote desktop access
  • Access the server desktop from any internet location
  • Applications available from one location
  • Centralized user management (backups, virus scans, security)
  • File sharing and Group Policies
  • Can be used with diskless workstations or thin clients

Terminal server support & consulting

  • Terminal Server 2008
  • Terminal Server 2003
  • Terminal server security
  • Printing, applications, multimedia
  • Integration
  • Troubleshooting

Windows Anywhere with Terminal Services (Remote access)
Terminal Server helps users become more productive by enabling access to current applications on any device including under-powered hardware and non-Windows desktops. And because Terminal Server lets you use Windows anywhere, you can take advantage of extra processing capabilities from newer, lighter-weight devices such as the Pocket PC. Terminal services RDP client comes standard with all Windows 7 operating systems and is available for Windows XP.

Terminal Services with Printing, Sound and Video
When connecting to a terminal server using an RDP 5.1 client, many of the local resources are available within the remote session, including the client file system, smart cards, audio (output), serial ports, printers (including network), and the clipboard. These redirection facilities allow users to easily take advantage of the capabilities of their client device from within the remote session. For instance, files can be opened, saved and printed to the users local PC, regardless of whether the application is running locally or remotely.

Rapid, Centralized Deployment of Applications with Terminal Server
Terminal Server is great for rapidly deploying Windows-based applications to computing devices across an enterprise, especially applications that are frequently updated, infrequently used, or hard to manage. When an application is managed on Terminal Server, and not on each device, administrators can be certain that users are running the latest version of the application.

Terminal Server Hosting
Want remote access from anywhere anytime and on a dedicated super-fast server? All Tech’d Out can host your terminal server on one of our leading edge dedicated server platforms

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